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An online exhibition from 1st February 2024 until 1st June 2024

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For this online exhibition I thought to complement an actual exhibition of some of my paintings titled “The Seven Ages of Man”, to be held at the MOMA Wales Gallery in Machynlleth, West Wales, starting on Saturday 23 March until Saturday 11 May 2024.

This online exhibition presents an opportunity to add to that, by expanding the range of pictures to be shown, and I thought, to give those who cannot get to see the paintings to be given a chance to see some of them here. The idea is to present a parade of paintings as a progression as it were, through life from birth to the final days of life in old age.  It is not of a particular individual, but through a mix of portraits and genre scenes, to show various associated activities that typically we might find ourselves engaged in at certain times of our lives. Whatever age you are at now, you might be able to identify with, and I hope rejoice with me in the blessing of the gift of life.

 In my decade’s long career, painting has been my vocation; to record as best that I may a little of the life and times that we live in; my subject has mainly been of people of this unique time.  I regard it all as a celebration.   

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