An online exhibition from 1st May until 30th September 2022

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This selection of paintings featuring children is drawn from my work done over many years; the earliest from 1967 is titled, Edmonton 1945, a mixed media illustration of me as a child with my family in 1945 as war ended, with the reference taken from old photos. This, an attempt to recreate a moment in time, has been a feature of my painting subject matter over the long years since then. The style of my work has evolved, as my ambition to tackle a broader range of subject matter has always demanded that fresh approaches and the adoption of new techniques were required.

My painting career has as a result been one of constant exploration, with perhaps the subject of people being mainly the centre of my attention. The most recent painting, Peeling an Apple, finished earlier this year is another moment, just an ordinary moment, unlike the memorable occasion of when my father returned home from war. But we live only in the moment, however ordinary that might be and so soon forgotten, but by dwelling on that fact, it brings awareness to us; that there is only now.