An online exhibition from 1st October until 28th February 2022

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The exhibition consists of some forty oil paintings of city life, reflecting one of the most consistent subjects to have inspired my imagination over the years since the 1970s, starting perhaps with The Jewellery Department, painted in 1976, a large painting 48 x 48 inches (120 x 120 cm). It is an early example of my more complex paintings on the subject of city life. To create a composition by combining various settings seen in different places, then to place people in a scene, often using members of my own family or friends chosen as my models.

All is an attempt to recreate something beyond a photograph, more as a summation, a response to my experiences felt, of time and place; of people and settings seen during my wanderings in town and city locations. I worked in Central London in the Soho district throughout most of the 1960s, then in Cambridge and Norwich in later decades. Now in old age and living in rural Wales I rely more on my memories and imagination.

One of my pleasures had always been to observe life. This particular painting has the hallmark of that, in being set at night or dusk. I think of winter evenings in the city without any duties to perform, to wander in and out of shops, to look in a gallery or a bookshop, or to go into a café. The wide range of subjects shown here is meant as a reflection of such, a city ramble, an invitation for you to join me on a visit.