Some Paintings from the 1970s

An Online Exhibition until 1 August, 2020

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By about 1970 I had been painting for about ten years. I had exhibited in London, including at the Royal Academy Summer exhibitions, and had emerged from painting abstracts into simplified landscapes. By the end of that decade I was experimenting with figurative work, yet trying to remain modern, with series of bathers, some portraits and other subjects, almost all of which were destroyed. But then I began to find my way. In 1973 I embarked on a large canvas, a park scene in Cambridge, “Christ's Piece”. It was a failure, but it was also a lesson learned.

At that time I also found my subject matter too; the everyday world about me. The first success of which was, “Winter Wash Day” in 1974, and also “Admiring the Baby”, which required much pre planning. which I had failed to do with my over ambitious “Christ's Piece”. I steadily discovered practical techniques of working as the decade passed, which emboldened me to tackle an ever wider range of subjects.

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